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Appliance Repair Services

At Johns Electrician Newcastle, we can repair or install your new electric appliance.

Call our phone number to get a free instant quote: 02 4063 1344

We are able to repair your broken electrical cooktop or electric stove. Call Johns Electrician Newcastle. Since 2010, we’ve been repairing appliances for over 10 years, providing you with an affordable, reliable and convenient service. It is our duty to install appliance that promise the longevity and reliability that your home needs.

We’re also proficient in plumbing, gas and electrical tasks. We’ve got a nominal plumbing license which allows you to have an all-in-one oven and cooktop solution. If you would like to install a new dishwasher or repair it, we can do that as well.

This is our hot water systems Newcastle service, enabling us to connect your gas, electricity and water lines to your oven, cooktop or hot water boiler.

This saves you time and money from having to call a Newcastle plumber or other electrician, so we take the hassle out of electric cooker repairs and installations.

Repairing gas stove

Cooktop Installation

Electric cooktop appliance repairs Newcastle

Electric cooktop repair

We are able to replace your own electric cooktop or install one into your new kitchen. we know that the best cooktops come down to personal taste. In saying that, we have vast knowledge of different types of cooktops from gas to electrical, including ceramic cooktops, gas cooktops, induction stove and solid-state.


Need the most energy efficient cooktop to save you money? No worries, inductive stove is the way to go. The most affordable cooktop installation? Gas has got you. 


With our extensive knowledge, our kitchen cooktops Newcastle services are able to install an induction cooktop for you and keep you going for longer. 


We know that not all cooktops are created equal, that’s why at Johns Electrician Newcastle, we customise and optimise your own personal cooktop to suit your household needs. 

We will endeavour to give you the best efficiency, best value and best reliability with your cooktop.

We will not stop testing until you receive your energy-efficient cooktop that you’ve always wanted.

Whether its a solid element electric cooktop, coil electric cooktop, a ceramic electric cooktop or an induction cooktop, we can repair any electric or gas cooktop you may have. 


The best part is that we’ve got all the tools, equipment and materials to fix your electric cooktop in a jiffy. We’re prepared for any electric cooktop repair and it is important to us that you receive the best service from us. 


We’ll be brutally honest when we say it’ll be better to get a new electric cooktop or whether its better if we just repair your existing one. 


We’re focused on customer satisfaction and care, and we know that your budget is not unlimited. That’s why we’ll give you the best option based on our own experience and determine if an appliance repairs Newcastle service is required or if a new electrical cooktop will benefit you the most.


Need multiple appliances repaired? Or is your stove giving you strange heat distribution? Your induction stove, gas or ceramic cooktop may be malfunctioning. In this case, it is better to contact Johns Electrician Newcastle for a one in all Appliance repairs Newcastle.

Oven and Cooktop

Oven installation

Steel oven with a heat light

Electric oven repair

Perhaps you’re moving house? Getting a new kitchen or outdoor area? We’re able to install new electrical ovens for you with zero hassle. In the majority of positions, we are able to custom fit your oven based on the space and size available. 


When you get your new electrical oven installed in Newcastle and the Hunter with us, you’ll have the option to get a pyrolytic self-cleaning oven which can clean itself like a dishwasher. 


Our options give maximum air flow to your new oven and our wiring promotes the longevity and reliability of your new oven install.


We’re so confident about our oven installations that we’ve gone the distance and tailor your own custom oven to suit your own needs. 


We believe that customer satisfaction is everything, and as appliance installation experts, we’re certified and licensed to install new electrical lines to your oven in order to give you the best value for money. 


Your customer satisfaction is our priority, contact Johns Electrician Newcastle today.

If your oven is overheating too often, turning off randomly or maybe your oven not heating like it used to? If your oven is making strange noises, the fan sounds off or perhaps your oven has stopped working, we can get it fixed in no time flat. 


When you combine over 10 years experience at Johns Electrician Newcastle, you’ll know that we are electric oven install Newcastle experts. 


We provide you with an affordable, reliable and quick solution for your electric oven, so you can get to eating, heating and relaxing faster!


We’ll be honest when we say that it’ll be better to get a new oven installed, in this case you can go with us with our all in one electrical oven solution. 


We always endeavour to provide you with the best solution possible and realise that customers that come back to us is what allows our business to grow and be nurtured. Contact us today to get your own appliance repairs Newcastle service.



Appliance Repairs Newcastle

At Johns Electrician company, we take pride in providing premium and affordable repair services in Newcastle.

Our skilled electrical contractors are experts in their field and combine this with reasonable pricing that gives you the new life that your home needs.

For other inquiries or requested repair services go to our contact page. 

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