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Need an affordable Commercial Electrician in Newcastle? We get the big jobs done. Reliably. Professionally.


We’ll give you a free estimate when you call us so you know what it costs upfront. Whether its preventative maintenance, fixing industrial machines, wiring or lighting installation, there’s nothing we cannot do.

Providing professional services for 10+ years as the best electrical contractor in Newcastle.

Save our phone number in case of any 24 hour electric emergencies that may occur. Would you like to know a full list of commercial electrician jobs we can do for you? Contact us and we can probably do the job.

Check out our commercial services below

Commercial Electrical Wiring

Commercial buildings need tons of power. So how do you provide this? With 3 phase wiring. Powering your lights and switches.


Three phase wiring provides greater power density and doesn’t have the PVC that regular wiring has.


This makes it more cost-effective than single or double phase wiring. It also enables electricians to easily access the wiring for easy maintenance.


It is also more durable than home wiring as it blends with nylon, preventing corrosion and over heating.


Is commercial wiring suitable for your business? Contact us to see how you can save on your commercial wiring installation.

Commercial Lighting

Bright lighting takes up a lot of power. So how do you save money? You install lights with us, with our affordable bulk LED lighting.


We provide indoor, outdoor and security lighting to add theft protection to your property. 


Our advanced security lighting can bind with the latest security systems and alarms to ensure maximum protection.


LED lighting is extremely affordable. Installing down lights, dome lights, glass pendant and the newest designs to give a style to your building.


Contact us today for a personalised chat and let us help plan your lighting journey.

Emergency lights

How do you protect your workers and clients in a power failure? You install exit and emergency lights.


There’s no surprise that emergency exit signs are in every single building, because they are crucial for safety and business.


Without these lights in a power failure, your company could be liable for charges should a worker or customer be hurt in an accident.


At Johns Electrical, we supply the brightest and most durable LED emergency lights possible. We realise that safety is always the number one priority and we make no compromises.


Does you company have no commercial emergency lighting? Contact us for a free quote and emergency plan.

Commercial Electrical Repair & Maintenance

At Johns Electrical, we’ve provided many companies with full commercial building maintenance and inspections every year.


We can inspect your electrical systems to ensure they are safe and regulate with government requirements.


After inspection, we usually diagnose and fix any problems in electrical components.


Through our extensive security checks, RCD testing (Electrical safety switches) and tagging, we can confidently say that we’ve supported companies take preventive measures to limit their risks for over 10 years.

Commercial Heating & Commercial Cooling

We supply professional heating and cooling solutions for all your Commercial Electrician Newcastle needs. We are affordable, reliable, licensed and certified.


Whether its an industrial hot water heating system or multi-purpose air conditioners, we provide the most efficient heating and cooling systems to reduce your electricity bills.


How is this possible? At Johns Electrical, we believe that long term investments produce long term gains.


By investing in the highest quality and energy efficient commercial systems, there is less maintenance needed and thus less money spent.


Contact us to get your commercial systems plan.

Security Systems

Want maximum protection against theft? Shoplifters? In this era, you need security more than ever.

Followed by our extensive knowledge in security alarm systems, we know that combining security lighting, cameras and alarms is the most effective way to reduce chances of theft.

Here at Johns Electrician Company, our Commercial Electrician Newcastle services provide bulk CCTV installations, access control systems and 24 hour surveillance monitoring systems.

We are able to integrate your fire and security alarm systems from a central point, enabling your alarms to serve multiple purposes.

Now that theft is more prevalent than ever, secure your company with Johns Electrician Newcastle

Commercial Electrician Newcastle

At Johns Electrician company, we take pride in providing premium and affordable commercial services for your company.

Both unmatched in performance and price, our skilled electrical contractors are experts in their field and bring the extensive knowledge and electrical equipment that your company needs

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