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Need a telephone? Need Internet? In today’s digital world, both of these are a necessity in any household. Be it business, surfing the web or making an online presence, we can get you there.


We provide you with the fastest telephone lines and internet speeds that will help you be your best. Contact our team and we’ll get you connected right away.


Both licensed and insured, Johns Electrician Newcastle gives you a premium service that only local Newcastle Electricians can provide.

Internet Installers Newcastle

Need fast internet? Fax Machines? Telephones? Alarms? We can install it.

We are very strict and adhere to the ACMA government rules, testing all phone sockets and making sure they work correctly.

How about installing the latest ADSL or NBN modems? Providing you with the fastest internet currently possible.

We can connect to your phone line to:

  • Fax machines

  • Alarm systems

  • ADSL2+ or NBN modem

  • Landline Telephone

  • And so much more…

We are the best data cabling Newcastle service with over 10 years of experience. Call us today for a free quote on what we can install for you!

Data Cabling Newcastle & ADSL2+
Data Cabling Newcastle & ADSL2+

Internet Connection Repair Newcastle



Do you have a slow internet? Does your internet keep cutting out? Is your internet constantly annoying you? We can fix that.


We often find ourselves installing the latest NBN, ADSL or Australian broadband internet for many customers. These connections are strong, giving you access to surf the web, the internet and connect on social media with others. 


However there will be those times where a sudden performance drop can occur in your internet connection. With a weak connection, it can be frustrating at times when you need a strong connection the most. Whether its working from home, at the office or studying, we have the tools and equipment to be able to get you running and back up. 


At Johns Electrician Newcastle, our certified electrical technicians are able to assess your internet problems, diagnose and determine the source of your weak internet connection. 


We are then able to fix this problem and sometimes it can be as simple as that. However, in rare cases we’ll be brutally honest and say that it might be your internet service provider. 


Such providers such as Telstra, Vodafone or Optus can sometimes act up overtime due to overloads in their network or reduction in bandwidth. In saying this, we’ll ask you to check up on your service provider’s end and see if the problem can be fixed from there. 


Make sure you also contact your internet service provider first before checking for any other issues.


We are dedicated to solving your problem and will not stop until your are 100% satisfied as our customer. If we are unable to fix your problem on the day, we’ll come back for free of charge to solve your problem another time. We are serious about customer satisfaction and will always tend to your needs and suit your time. 

Phone Line Installation

Requiring phone outlets in your home or a new phone line? We’ll setup your reliable and affordable telephone cabling

Our data cabling technician will go through rigorous testing to ensure your new phone line will operate with the best longevity possible. The quality and security of your phone lines will be tested to ensure that the client, friend, family or individual will sound crisp and clear. 


We know that the phone line is important, especially if you’re talking to your boss, an important client or a fellow family member. So to connect better with them, we use the latest technology in phone line installation. The best testing tools on the market to ensure top notch quality of your telephone.



We are able to install new phone lines wherever you may need it and are also able to install power outlets to suit your phone line needs.


We’ll come at a time that suits you and your needs. Your customer satisfaction is our number one priority and it is our job to provide you with the best connection and phone line in Newcastle. 




We’ll install your phone cabling and phone lines wherever and whenever. We can cable your telephone to your garage, home office, kitchen, study area and even your bathroom. You name it, we can install telephone lines virtually anywhere.


Call us on our phone number and we’ll provide an affordable and unmatched price for all your data cabling Newcastle needs. We can do same-day installation or even in the next hour, it all depends on what time suits you and your needs.


By getting wired internet cable it provides a direct consistent flow of data across your devices. Call us for our NBN and ADSL2+ internet cabling plans today.

Data Cabling Newcastle NSW

Data Cabling Newcastle

Internet slow? Tired of chunky downloads? Wired internet connections help you stay faster, for longer.

Wireless ethernet and networking cables keep your house wire free, however they have slower processing and internet speeds. 

We are electrical specialists and provide Cat 6, RJ45 and Cat 5e cables to create reliable and fast NBN connection and internet connections.

Wired internet connection is more reliable 

  • For any TV streaming such as Netflix, Stan, Hulu or Disney Plus, or even just regular home internet for laptops or desktops, it provides the longevity and reliability when you need it most. 


  • Have you ever had a child that had an assignment due the night before? Whether its university or high school, we get it. Some students will print out their assignments the day before to ensure that it is top notch before handing it in. 


  • Sometimes the internet connection could be down and wireless printing could not be possible. We can quickly diagnose and rectify your dropping out internet connection, but also offer a wired solution which ensures that you can always print, work or study whenever there is a weak internet connection.


  • Whether its an online job interview during COVID, or an important business meeting, a wired internet connection with ethernet will ensure you are always connected.


    Extended local area network (LAN) 

  • Enabling you to extend your wifi connection further so you can add other devices such as printers, laptops, desktops, computers or more television without slowing down the wifi speed. 


  • We’re able to connect your security systems up to your internet with ease, so you can always detect any unusual activity reliable and comfortably. Why not gear up your gaming experience? With your xbox, playstation or gaming device, we’re able to amplify your internet connection so you can go pro and play your best. 


  • We understand it is frustrating when you lose your connection. Sometimes you could even kick your controller, throw your phone or shout at your television because of a weak internet connection! That is why we dedicate ourselves to give you the best wireless or wired internet connection available.


  • Sometimes your internet service provider such as Telstra, Optus or Vodafone will be the problem. Incase of this, you’ll need to contact your ISP and let them connect you back manually. We prefer sticking with the big three companies in Australia, the Telstra network is highly reliable and is the most trustworthy internet provider. We recommend sticking with Telstra.

We install:

  • ADSL2+ Internet – Providing fast and efficient internet. Connects to your home phone, making it affordable and cheaper

  • VDSL Internet – Provides faster services and downloading services when compared to ADSL

  • NBN Network – Replaces the home phone copper wiring with new fibre cable technology, providing faster broadband speeds and better data delivery

  • Removing old cabling – We can also repair and replace data cabling or use the latest wifi technology to fix any lagging or slow internet.

Data Cabling Repairs Newcastle

Need your telephone or data cabling fixed? Do you have poor internet connection? We can get it done.

  • Whether your telephone line is down, sending a weak signal or your data lines are not efficient, we can diagnose and fix your cabling in a flash. Through our comprehensive methods to find faults in the lines, we are able to replace, fix or maintain your internet connections and phone lines. 


  • We have dealt with an array of telephone and data cabling types such as Cat 6, RJ45 and Cat 5e. 


  • Our team has an extensive line of wire knowledge with over 10 years experience. It is our sole purpose to provide you with the most optimal cabling to maximise your own connection, making sure you never drop out again. In saying that, we can install optical cabling and can use repair your high-speed data networks and weak internet connection.


  • We are able to also install data networks, whether it’s at home, commercial space, office, study area or granny flat, we’re able to install your data networks anywhere. 


  • Your security is our number one priority, so we take care in providing the optimum security requirements and have an excellent team of IT support to assist you in creating a secure and safe network. 


  • Our network technicians can install the latest networks for you in order to keep up with the ever changing speeds and updates.


We’re always upgrading and move with the times, we want you to have the best computer network we have to offer and we do this by keeping up to date with new designs and computer installation networks.
Data Cabling Newcastle NSW

Cabling Newcastle NSW

At Johns Electrician company, we take pride in providing premium and affordable cabling solutions in Newcastle.

Our skilled electrical contractors are experts in their field and combine this with reasonable pricing that gives you the new life that your home needs.

Give us a call for a plan on your internet or telephone cabling. We are here to make the process easier and to connect you with the world!

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