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Are your wires exposed? Do they make a mess in your house? Afraid of electrical shock from damaged sockets? Our specialised wiring contractors provide the perfect solution both indoor and outdoor.

We can rewire your old wiring and bring NEW life into your home. New wiring enables higher energy savings, better lifespan and better reliability and durability.


We have a wide array of wiring solutions for you, including non-metallic, underground feeder or low-voltage. Different applications need different wiring to best optimise the energy efficiency, longevity and costs.


Give us a call today to learn more about your own wiring application and plan.

Low-Voltage Wiring

Want to save energy? Want to save money? Low-Voltage might be for you.

This is primarily used with items that require little electricity to power. This includes doorbells, landscape lighting and thermostats.


Advantages of low voltage wiring:

  • Cost effective – Its low use of energy means more cost savings in your pocket

  • Simple – Affordable and easy to install.

  • Safe – Installed behind walls, these types of wires are harmless due to their low watt usage


We suggest that the majority of your appliances should use non metallic wiring as it is the most energy efficient for those applications.

Doorbell wiring
Non-metallic wiring

Non-Metallic Wiring

The Standard indoor wiring. The norm. The best.

It is affordable indoor house electrical wiring that is used in most applications.


Typically used for all appliances, light fixtures, power point outlets and all switches.


The wiring is implemented inside the wall and a conduit is used (Plastic sleeve) so any wires which pop out will not cause electric shock.


Non Metallic Wiring advantages:

  • Durable and long-lasting – Since they are not exposed to weather or moisture, these will last very long compared to traditional wiring

  • Secure & clean – The electrical cabling is embedded in the walls of the house, meaning more space and less maintenance required

  • Affordable – Much cheaper than other wirings when used throughout your house or property

Underground wiring

Do you love the outdoors but afraid of rain damage? The Standard outdoor wiring is perfect for outdoor appliances, lights and switches.

This electric wiring is installed underground and is able to be used for outdoor projects and appliances.


Unlike NM or LV cables, these do not need protection and are rugged and durable.


Underground feeder advantages:

  • Durable – Waterproof and protected from the elements, so no wear and tear occurs

  • Secure & clean – The wires are placed underground and enable outdoor electrics to be free of messy wiring

  • Easy Maintenance – Since these are in the ground and not the walls of a house, home rewiring is easier

Electrical Rewiring Newcastle
Doorbell wiring

Electrical Rewiring Newcastle

Do you have an old house that needs rewiring? We’ve got you covered.

We’ve got the best rewiring services that will keep your old house running better, longer and more efficient. 


What most people don’t realise is that old or damaged electrical wiring can potentially increase the chances of a fire? A simple spark is enough to trigger a household fire. 


If there is any flammable equipment, it can potentially harm you and your family. This is where smoke alarms are key, luckily for you we are also able to install smoke detectors for you to keep safe during the fire season. 


Now we don’t mean to scare you, but this is true. But do not worry! Johns Electrician Newcastle is here. 


If you have old household wiring, we are able to replace your old vulcanised Indian rubber which usually insulates your wiring and copper cables with brand new thick, durable rubber. 


Our rubber is the best in the business for home use. Our electrical rewiring Newcastle service will ensure that your cabling and wiring will have no worries when standing the elements, whether its friction, moisture or the weather, there is no chance of short circuiting with our professional wiring and years of experience. 


Electrical rewiring is very affordable and it can save you hundreds from new wiring installations.

Power Point Installation

Do you need several adapters or plug sockets to keep your devices running? By the time you have your phone charger, fridge, desktop computer, television, printer, laptop and electrical appliances plugged in, is there any room left?

Our powerpoint installation services will ensure that you always have enough plugs to save you from having to unplug other sockets or needing more adapters to fit more plugs. We’re able to install as many power points as you would like in any room. 


Charging your phone, devices and keeping your necessary appliances running such as your fridge or freezer take a lot to run energy wise. So we get it. In saying that, we’ve used the most energy efficient sockets and wires so you can save more money in your pocket. 


With over 10 years experience, we use the latest and most durable cables so your power points will almost never wear out and short circuit. 


It is important that a licensed electrician must install your power points. As a certified electrician, we provide a certificate of compliance with the installation, testing and making sure that the power point meets the optimal safety standards and power outputs. 


We are able to weatherproof and waterproof your power points, install usb ports on your power points or even install triple or quadruple power point sockets. There is so much more we can do for you as well. We can also install power points for your air conditioning, ceiling fans, home entertainment systems and more. 


Because we realise that customer satisfaction, personalisation, freedom and time is the most important thing to you and your property. Talk to us today about what we can do for you and your home electrical power points.

Doorbell wiring
Doorbell wiring

Smoke Alarm Installation

Do you need a smoke detector? What kind of question is that. Of course you do!

Smoke detectors are vital and crucial, especially in the hotter months. We install proper, highly accurate and highly sensitive smoke alarms that keep you, your property and your family safe. 


Properly maintained smoke detectors is ultimate what will save you in a fire and can prevent further damage through proactive action. Because we know there are a few things that are the most important to you. You, your home and your family. 


The two smoke detectors you should know suit different applications so it is vital you know which one is best for you. Luckily for you of course, we’re the best smoke alarm installer in Newcastle. The two smoke alarms include ionisation, which is extremely sensitive to home and flame fires. The smoke rises up and ionises with the alarm, which immediately triggers the alarm and the noise. 


The second type is a photoelectric smoke detector, which is extremely sensitive to fires that have been burning for a long time, in particular they are very responsive to smoldering fire. 


Now you don’t necessarily need to know the best type, but we do. With over 10 years of experience with installing smoke alarms, you can be sure that we’ll pick the best position in your house to install your smoke detector. 


We realise that sometimes smoke alarms can be triggered as a false alarm, but we’ve adjusted them to the perfect point where they’ll detect any fire or smoke, but still keep quiet during your home cooking times. 


We install lithium batteries which are safe and are sure to make your alarm last for years to come. 


Regular maintenance and checks is also recommended every few months to ensure your detectors work to the optimal standards. Luckily for you, we provide you with a range of different smoke detectors, so you can be sure that you’re getting the best alarm to suit your home needs. 


Contact Johns Electrician Newcastle for a free quote today on installing smoke alarms in your rooms and household.



Three Phase Power

Need to run an Industrial or Commercial Building or machinery? Try 3 Phase Power. Keeping costs lower. Providing more power.

Many industries and commercial machinery use 3 phase voltage so enough power is supplied under heavy load. It is necessary for powering your industrial compressors, pumps, factory machines or even your pool.


Our electrical rewiring Newcastle services can also ensure that your electrical wiring is up to date, free of any damages and make sure that they will stay reliable and durable for the longevity of their life.

Three Phase Power advantages (Over regular power):

  • Greater Power Density – Making it suitable for applications such as industrial machinery and commercial buildings. 


  • Costs are lower – For commercial purposes, three phase wiring is much more affordable than regular 1 phase power


  • More reliable – Unlike your typical one phase power, these provide better voltage regulation, meaning they last longer and are less likely to fail under three phase load


We can also install a 3 phase converter box for you. If you think you need three phase plug wiring for your application, don’t hesitate to contact Johns Electrician Service!

Three Phase Power

Electrical Rewiring Newcastle

At Johns Electrician company, we take pride in providing premium and affordable wire solutions in Newcastle.

Our skilled house wiring contractors are experts in their field and combine this with reasonable pricing that gives you the new life that your home needs.

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