Emergency Electrician Newcastle

Electrical Emergency Newcastle

We are available any day of the week. Call us when you need, we’ll get it fixed. Whether its a storm blackout, emergency electrical repair, solar electrical fault or dangerous wiring damage, we provide you with emergency power solutions that will keep you up and running.

Call us anytime as your number one 24 hour emergency electrician Newcastle service. Save our contact phone number in your phone for easy access and emergency calls.

We’re fast, affordable and reliable. 

We support all of Maitland, Newcastle, Port Stephens and the surrounding areas, so you know we’ll get there fast. 

Heating Emergency Newcastle

Whether its a damaged boiler, hot water system or air conditioner, our team is prepared for any breakdowns.

Our heating emergency service will ensure that your house will stay nice and warm throughout the night. 

Our 24 hour electrician Newcastle service will ensure your radiator, air conditioner or underfloor heating will get fixed within the hour.

Any electrical heating fault will be serviced and tested before leaving.


Lighting Emergency Newcastle

Lighting damaged? Blackout? Circuit breaker or fuse damage? We’ve got you covered.

Our emergency call out electrician services will get you out of the blackout, darkness or storm. No matter what the weather is, we’re here to service you during the darkest of times.

All lighting will be fixed and tested before we leave to ensure it is working.

Emergency Power Newcastle

Is your fuse or meter box indefinitely damaged? Power outage due to storms? Don’t worry.

We provide emergency generators to power you whilst we replace and fix the fault

Whether you need a heating emergency service to keep you warm at night or need emergency power solutions to keep your house or car running, we’ve got your back.

Emergency Generator
Wire Socket

Wiring Emergency Newcastle

Any wiring submerged in water poses a huge risk and can cause a malfunction, evacuation of the space is advised.

Exposed electrical wiring is extremely dangerous, risk of electrocution is very high. Call our service quickly if it occurs.

We supply emergency electrical panel which will protect you from electrical shocks from damaged wiring. If you need a new fuse box to accompany your new wiring, we can install fuse box for you.

24/7 Emergency Electrician Newcastle

We provide emergency afterhours electrician services and repairs in Newcastle, NSW. Call us today on 0240631344. We understand the inconvenience of damaged fuses, wires and electrical appliances on our customers, so we happily suspend our regularly scheduled jobs to help with sudden and important situations. Our 24 hour emergency electrician service 


We have over ten years of experience in industry and we’ve seen it all in our time. Our 24 hour emergency electrician service will tackle any situation, whether its electrical installation, wiring and socket repair or any electrical repair and maintenance, our Electrician Newcastle service has the knowledge and equipment to handle any electrical emergency as quickly as quality and safety will allow. 


Our Electricians are specially trained to handle these situations without further hazard or damage to your electrical systems. In any 24 hour electrician emergency, give us a call and we’ll check it out.

Preventive Measures

A large amount of electrical faults are preventable with proper electrical maintenance. To save yourself the extra costs, inconveniences and stress of an electric fault emergency, call today to have our licensed staff come out for an inspection.


Our professional job quotes are always free and with no obligation to purchase. You may find that a quick circuit breaker or electrical checkup will spare you the costs and headaches of an emergency situation


Johns Electrician Newcastle is the go-to company for emergency electrical damage recovery and emergency electrician needs.