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Does your home take forever to heat up? Sick of cold toilets or showers? Did you wish that you had underfloor heating or power efficient heaters that could save you both time and money? If you said “Yes!” to these questions, we will help you make the decisions and costs of servicing your home. We’re here for you!


Johns Electrician Newcastle will provide for all of your affordable heating needs. We’re here to show you that upgrading your heating doesn’t break the bank, nor does it feel overwhelming! Our team will guide you through the process step-by-step and assist you in choosing the best heating plan for your home. 

Heated Floors

What is underfloor heating? And why would you consider it?

Underfloor heating is the process of producing heat from the floor, rather than an air conditioner or typical radiator. This distributes heat evenly around the house, leaving no cold spots unlike traditional instalments. 

This means your feet will be warm, so you can walk barefoot all year! This is particularly an excellent idea after a shower as we provide underfloor heating for tile, hardwood, carpet, timber and laminate.

Affordable and cost-effective, here are advantages of floor heating:

  • Only 1 installation needed – No need to install multiple air conditioners or radiators around the house

  • It’s hidden – Doesn’t spoil your decor and is space efficient

  • Affordable – The price to install underfloor heating is cheaper than the combined costs of traditional heating

  • Energy efficient – Your floors and house will stay warmer for longer and thus electricity bills will be cheaper

  • Comfort – Supplies even heat distribution around the house and under floors, so you can experience warmth in all areas of the house

Our team at Johns Electrician can provide you with a free quote and estimate whilst we examine your home and provide you with a full plan.

Underfloor Heating
Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation

When you take a shower, does your bathroom steam up?

Installing an exhaust fan may be the perfect solution for you. 

A bathroom exhaust fan will circulate air, reduce the humidity levels and will make your bathroom more comfortable.


Open windows will reduce humidity, however they do not provide privacy and will let cold air into the room.

We stock the best types of all-in-one exhaust fans including the IXL Triumph, HPM and Clipsal. These provide efficient, quiet and powerful solutions for your bathroom.


Advantages of bathroom exhaust fans:

  • Reduction of mould and mildew – Since moisture is moved outside your house, humidity is removed

  • Extended life of any decor – Wallpaper and paint will have a greater lifespan due to the humidity reduction

  • Comfortableness – Reduced humidity will allow you to breathe, live and feel better in the bathroom


We will take care of your old exhaust fans as well. The complete testing and installation will be provided. Call us for a chat on the phone on what we can do for you!

Bathroom heat lamps

Do you have a cold bathroom or toilet that takes too long to heat up?

Installing a heat lamp will solve your problems.


A heat lamp will allow you to feel instant heat just by flicking a switch. Being cheap and efficient, installations take place usually above your bathroom or toilet ceiling. We can remove your existing lighting to accommodate the upgrade.


Regular heaters take a long time to heat up, by the time you are finished, the room will still be cold. 

We stock the best types of bathroom heating lamps including the IXL Appliances, HPM and Clipsal. These provide energy-efficient, quiet and powerful solutions for your bathroom.


Advantages of this bathroom heat light installation are:

  • Instant heat – Bathrooms will warm up within a couple of minutes

  • Cost-effective – Unlike normal heaters, these will provide better heat efficiency

  • Comfort – With surrounding warmth, your toilet, bathroom and floor will feel the best it has ever been

We also provide combined bathroom heat light fans, these will provide both the comfort of a heater and the longevity of your bathroom by reduced moisture


Contact us for a free quote and estimate, your bathroom heating problems are solved here. re


Bathroom Heat Lamp
Energy Saving

Energy Saving Heating Newcastle

Do you want an affordable power heating solution for your home?


We don’t just do bathroom heating, we do it all.


Our team specialises in air conditioner installations, gas heaters and radiators.


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, we stock the best heating Newcastle solutions for your home.


Our air conditioning, gas and radiators come from only the best brands, Mitsubishi electric and Fujitsu. A careful installation will also provide careful removal of your old heating appliances.


Depending on the complexity or simpleness of the task, we will price our services fairly and give you an obligation free estimate before we start.

Heating in Newcastle

At Johns Electrician company, we take pride in providing premium and affordable heating Newcastle services.

Our skilled electrical contractors are experts in their field and combine this with reasonable pricing that gives you the new life that your home needs

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