Johns Electrician Newcastle

Johns Electrician Newcastle

Straight to the point. Here’s everything you need to know about us.


“In the ever growing digital era, electricians are needed more than ever. We believe that our customers need complete control over their home or business wherever they are.

Whether its security camera installations, automated heating and cooling systems or regular maintenance and check-ups, you know, we know that a reliable and professional electrician is key.

Unfortunately many electricians today are rude, uncooperative, do what they like and give an unfair pricing that leaves you disgusted and unsatisfied.

This mismatch in buyer behaviour and electrician rudeness is what led John Miller to start Johns Electrician Newcastle in 2010, creating the vision of a local, friendly and affordable experience.”

Welcome to Johns Electrician Newcastle. Meet John Miller, owner of the company. 



Born in 1975, New Lambton, Australia, he took his apprenticeship in 1993 where he began his Electrical training in Newcastle.


As a one man team, he serviced the entirety of Newcastle performing repairs for appliances and lighting.


But, he wanted something more than just being an ‘Electrician’. Something more than just ‘Newcastle’.



Commercial Building
Johns Electrician Newcastle

So he started his company in 2010, which now has 5+ dedicated team members in the heart of Newcastle.



John now resides in the hunter, living his dream as both an active electrician and business owner. 


He sees the thrill in doing what he loves, his passion for electrics.



What better way to live than to start a business?

In case you are not convinced, here are the ten more reasons why you should go with us:

  • We offer both general and extensive expertise in all electrical areas, installations, repairs and communications
  • We constantly provide you with reliable, affordable electrical services that can only be proven by our countless reviews and testimonials
  • We have a supportive network team who challenge each other with taking on confidence, leadership skills and initiative
  • We are proud of all our electrical work and respect our clients, customers and our environment
  • We do not tolerate other electricians being late or not arriving after making an appointment
  • We despise electricians that interrupt your own personal workflow or task by making unnecessary noises such as loud music
  • We do not like electrical contractors who say the job is done, only to find that it is only partially complete, leaving you with frustration
  • We hate those electricians that provide you with an obligation quoted price that is expensive and unjustified, making for an uncomfortable experience

“Having success comes from making others look brilliant”

John Miller

Founder and CEO of Johns Electrician Newcastle

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